Club Membership

Member Protection

A major component Motorcycling Australia’s (MA) core business is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of its members. This is done through the implementation of rules and policies in relation to Motorcycle Sport activity (racing, practice, coaching etc). All members, clubs and regulatory bodies should ensure they are familiar with the Member Protection Policy and be aware at all times of the high standards we should be setting for competitors, officials, parents and spectators. Keep up to date on this, directly from Motorcycling Australia website.

Blue Rock Motorcycle Club Inc. Rules & Policies

As a Member, on being accepted to the Blue Rock Motorcycle Club, I agree to abide by all the club rules and those listed within Motorcycling Australia’s Manual of Motorcycle Sport.

Motorcycling Australia operates a Code of Conduct rule and I shall abide by them at all times.

As an affiliated Club of Motorcycling Australia while Riding or Competing on properties of the club I will require a Competition Licence or Recreational Licence.

I will carry my Membership Card or Receipt and Licence at all times while attending or riding at all events (must be produced on demand by any club official).

In consideration of the acceptance of me as a member I AGREE TO INDEMNIFY the organisers in the following manner:
(a) That I shall abide by all club Rules.
(b) That I participate in/at meeting at my sole risk and responsibility.
(c) That I accept the venue as it stands with all or any defects hidden or exposed.
(d) That I indemnify and hold harmless the organisers, their respective servants, agents or officials against any actions. or claims which may be made by me on my behalf or by other parties for or in respect of or arising out of my death.
(e) I ACKNOWLEDGE that Motorcycling Riding or Racing is DANGEROUS.
(f) All riders must obtain a Motorcycling Competition or Recreational Licence.