The Working with Children Check is just one part of creating and maintaining a child-safe environment. Blue Rock Motorcycle Club Inc. has a responsibility to ensure that their volunteers doing child-related work hold a Check, or the organisation may otherwise be committing an offence. If you are thinking of volunteering at our club please contact us via Facebook Messenger and ensure you hold a valid Check with Blue Rock Motorcycle Club Inc. listed in the volunteer section as you will be asked to provide evidence to the club when volunteering. How to apply | Working with Children

There are several scenarios in the Worker Screening Act 2020 where those doing child-related work are exempt and don’t need a Check. Victorian Government WWCC Exemptions – When you don’t need a Check


27 November 2022 @ Energy Park Motocross Track Newborough – Please register your interest in being a committee member by sending us a message via our FACEBOOK page.

Blue Rock Motorcycle Committee

Club President – Danny King
Vice President – Tyler Herdman
Secretary and Treasurer – Dawn Baker
Assistant Secretary and Assistant Treasurer – Mayli Jamieson
Memberships – Dawn Baker
Canteen Managers – Joy Melbourne
Track Coordinators – Paul Melbourne & Shane Keane
Safety Officer – Danny Sinclair
Site First Aid – Martyn Lewis
MV and Gippsland Centre Delegates – Danny King & Jason Gadsden
Social Media / Promotions – Dawn Baker / Mayli Jamieson / Tyler Herdman
General Committee – Warren Frost, Jack Stevens, Jason Gadsden, Jaydyn King, Steve Tenace, Ryan Whitehead & Danny Sinclair